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Helping Patients Achieve Healthier Gums and Better Dental Implant Results

Ivette Plata, DDS, MS, is a periodontist in Amarillo, TX, who treats gum disease and offers dental implants, laser periodontics, periodontal surgery, and more.

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Restore Your Teeth, Health, and Confidence

At Full Smile Periodontics, we’re committed to improving our patients’ oral health through the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of gum disease. As an experienced periodontist, Dr. Ivette Plata has been caring for patients since 1996 and specializes in saving natural teeth through a range of advanced procedures and helping patients qualify for successful dental implant placement. Dr. Plata offers dental implants, periodontal surgery, bone or gum grafts, crown lengthening, and non-surgical and laser-assisted therapies to serve all of your periodontal needs.

It is our goal to help patients feel comfortable and confident about their oral health treatment. We understand the anxieties that come with oral disease, and our team is here to answer your questions, provide support, and thoroughly explain all of your options so you can make an informed decision about your care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to restore health, beauty, and confidence to our patients’ smiles through periodontal care while providing a comfortable and positive treatment experience. We are committed to staying at the forefront of the latest dental technology and providing the support, education, and expertise our patients need to achieve superior oral health outcomes.

Your Gum Disease and Dental Implant Expert

Full Smile Periodontics welcomes patients of all ages in need of periodontal treatment. Whether you seek relief from oral discomfort, a more aesthetically pleasing smile, dental implant placement, or treatment for gum disease, our team is here to help. Contact our office in Amarillo, TX, to schedule an appointment.